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Our Mission

To make sought-after and hyped gadgets available at competitive prices. And use our net profits to help people diagnosed with life-altering illnesses live a worthy life.

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Stay Refreshed

Grizzly Gadget is the supreme shop for the world's best viral gadgets as seen on social media. Live in your gear, play in ours!

Photographer: Mike Perez

Words From Our Founder

"I wanted to create a place where people can find the gadgets they search for, at great prices. And at the same time support a nonprofit that I believe in. No person should suffer alone or be without treatment if we can help it!"


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Giving Back

We are donating 2% of our net profits to our listed nonprofit and more are on the way. So when you receive your purchase, you'll know you have given back to the world.

Our Purpose

It's Not Just a Business Model, It's Our Life's Work

We bring you the gadgets you need in your life — at great prices that does not reflect their hype! How do we know that these gadgets will make your life easier? We keep an eye out for which products go viral on social media. When thousands of people like, share, and recommend these products to their friends, they will most likely work for you too!

But we are not just here to make your life better. With every purchase you help us make the life of people diagnosed with critical illnesses better too. Read how in our Giving Back section.

Our Culture

It's Not Just a Boring Workplace, It's Our Fun Home

It’s important for us that all our employees experience their work as meaningful. We cannot imagine a more worthy cause than supporting people diagnosed with serious illnesses. To do that, we need everyone in our organization to stay sharp and energized to bring the best gadgets to our customers.

That’s why you find an on-site gym and alkaline water machines for our employees. We promote health, fitness and wellbeing through events, such as our annual ‘Culture Day’ to remind ourselves of the importance of supporting and bringing awareness to our partner foundations. We believe our customers, staff and the people we help support deserves nothing but the best!